Why Evidence-Based?

Therapy can be a considerable investment of your time, energy, and money. I firmly believe that you ought to receive a quality product for your investment. The highest quality product is therapy that has been vetted by rigorous, peer-reviewed, and extensive research studies to determine that the therapy does, indeed, work – this is referred to as evidence-based treatment. While many therapy approaches appear to be helpful on the surface and ‘feel’ like they are effective, often these approaches are no more effective in bringing about change than the placebo effect. I believe you deserve more for your investment in therapy.

For every problem a client brings in, there is a set of evidence-based practices that yields the most optimal outcome, including long-term outcome. Some of these treatments are relatively new, and others have been around for decades. Regardless of what interventions we use in session, you can expect that the work we do will occur in a warm, open, flexible, and professional environment that is focused on your goals.