When I was first told I would be seeing a psychologist for treatment to learn Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I was at first skeptical.  But even on my first appointment, I appreciated the way Dr. Graham really listened and drew me out.  She helped me to see the need to develop coping skills.  With Dr. Graham’s guidance, I have learned practical skills to help me with accepting my illness and ways to move forward in my life.  Even with some setbacks, Dr. Graham has helped me in cognitive ‘restructuring’ by looking at what happens in my life, including the issue of pain management and with dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome and then viewing these issues in a realistic way.  As an example, not thinking in terms of what I should be doing as a way of thinking but accepting my new limits with what I can do.  I now communicate with my husband of 42 years better.  He understands more of what I am going through and he sees a marked improvement in my coping skills toward my illness.  I enjoyed having Dr. Graham as part of my treatment program.  I will miss her very much.

D.W., former client

What a privilege it has been to work closely with Dr. Christina Graham
over the past 8 years.  She is a gifted therapist, and I have been
astounded watching patients transform their lives with her guidance.  With
a gentle and encouraging manner, she helps people change the focus of
their daily existence from pain and anxiety to optimism and improved
functioning.  Dr. Graham has not only given her clients strategies to
tackle their struggles, she has also given me strategies to better meet
the needs of the patients I serve.  I can honestly say she has made me a
better doctor, and she has improved the lives of so many people who have
been lucky enough to work with her.

Hillary Liss, MD

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Graham for help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I had a severe amount of anxiety and deep depression about my Chronic illness.  I have suffered from CFS for 6 years and was very frustrated with my life and what my future would look like.  My life had literally changed and I had little to no hope left. I experienced a loss of who I once was and felt a deep despair of helplessness…  Dr. Graham completely understood my Chronic condition and the emotional feelings that I had been having for a very long time.  I began to see Dr. Graham for Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  She helped me to understand that I could actually change my thoughts about my Chronic illness!!  My experience with CBT has changed my life.  I now have the tools and motivation I need have the best life I desire… Dr. Graham is very professional and has a sense of humor that I found to assist with my CBT.  I can’t thank Dr. Graham enough for her deep compassion and knowledge of helping me with the use Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy. I highly recommend Dr. Graham for anyone who suffers from any form of a Chronic Illness.

R.G., former client

A Personal Recommendation (a poem)

To have been a privileged patient of Dr. Graham
Has, indeed, been the truest pleasure.
She is by far, a talented and wonderful Doctor
A very wonderful, unique and special treasure.
I could freely share all my thoughts, feelings and needs,
All that I am and all my personal reality
And know she’d always listen with her heart
And show me courtesy, respect and confidentiality.
It’s not easy to share my deepest concerns,
My problems, hang-ups and each secret –
To open up my life and show her the real mixed-up, messy me,
But I knew that my joys and fears would be properly kept..
She listened so patiently as I gushed on and on –
She gave me ideas, inspiration, courage and hope
And with many intelligent suggestions and ideas
To handle my stress, she helped me to learn how to cope.
As I described what to me seemed like insurmountable
Mountains to climb and difficulties holding on,
She showed me how to use my faith, take heart,
And to take small steps till my fears were gone.
Yes, I still struggle and feel overwhelmed,
But her voice, reassuring, encouraging and kind,
Reminds me that the journey always begins
With one small step and that comfort I can find.
No, my clutter is not all put away,
But I’m finding a home for this and that.
I befriend the dishwasher, do laundry and put it away,
Get to appointments on time and feed the cat.
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue deplete me
And rob me of many accomplishments and sleep.
I push myself and try, sometimes I even cry
As I see what I’ve missed, and dissolve inn a heap.
Although I don’t wake up relaxed and refreshed,
I concentrate on the Joy that God daily gives me.
This gets me through one little step at a time,
Even though I don’t do it all in a whirlwind hurry.
If anyone else is so privileged to have her
As their own personal, delightful physician,*
It won’t take them long to fully decide
They’ve been blessed with the right decision.
Dr. Graham comes highly recommended by me
For I know what she’s done for this girl’s heart.
She’s given me tolls I can use for the rest of my life
That no one can destroy or pull apart.
I am sad to see her go, but exceedingly glad
God put this special woman in my life for a reason.
She became my encourager, mentor and friend,
If in Gods timing, for only a short season.
But this season will affect me for the rest of my life.
I’ll always remember her warm smiles and soft hugs
As she helped me unearth answers for my problems
And gave me sound advice to work out the bugs.
So take heart and give her a trusting call.
When you make an appointment, please hurry and come.
For you will never, ever find so caring and kind
A loving, understanding Doctor like Christina Graham!
Poem written by D.H., a former client
* Dr. Graham is a clinical psychologist (PhD), not a physician (MD)

Christina has shown great compassion and skill in working with clients facing big challenges, and helps people make real changes for the better.

Daniel Krashin, MD